Shapeoko 3 cutting "outside the lines" above tabs

Hello folks. I am using a shapeoko 3 XXL to cut starboard (HPDE). On curved shapes (circles) the cutting goes outside the lines for lack of a better word where the tabs are located, only on the outside of the circle, not on the inside cut. Occasionally it does this on regular square cuts as well. Please see pictures. Any thoughts as to how to remedy this?

Here is the same thing on straight piece

Leave a roughing clearance greater than the defect, then take a full-depth finishing pass.

Do a check of the mechanicals, v-wheels and stepper motor pulleys.

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Just wanted to follow up. Various cutting anomalies seem to be a result of the Shapeoko dust boot due to some bristles contacting the material surface and other bristles going into pockets or off of the material and not bottoming out until hitting the spoil board. This seems to impart some movement or deflection to the router or bit.

With the dust boot removed I am not having any issues.

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