Shapeoko 3 keeps crashing/freezing about 6 mins into a part cutting run

The shapeoko is going along just fine and then it freezes completely in the middle of a run. It will lock up and universal gcode controller also freezes. I turned on the verbose logs and it stops sending back any position information and as far as I can see also doesn’t send back an error code.

If I reconnect to the machine it says it is in alarm mode, after disconnecting the port and reconnecting, but it also doesn’t seem to be able to get out of the alarm mode.

Any idea what the issue is? I am wondering if grbl itself is crashing in there somewhere, although it is hard to figure out what the state is or what is causing the issue since it doesn’t send any details over the console when it dies.

Is there something more I can do to get more details out of grbl about what goes wrong? The machine pauses instantly in the middle of a move when it crashes like this. It is extremely repeatable, happens every time I try and run the machine.


Hi David,

Send an email to us ( - if you could attach the gcode that’s causing the problem, that would help. I can run it on one of our machines.


I have the same problem ! Its so annoying, please help.

Low-hanging fruit / best things to try:

  • switch to a USB2 port if using USB3
  • attach the router through a surge protector (use a different one for the machine/controlling computer)
  • good quality powered USB hub if using a laptop (also use a shorter USB cable, again good-quality, ideally w/ ferrite beads)
  • if not a new router, check the brushes, consider wrapping the cap of the router in wire mesh

If these things don’t help, let us know at and we’ll see what we can do to puzzle things out.

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