Shapeoko 3 New owner

Hi just bought a used shapeoko 3. New to the cnc family. Downloaded carbide motion 618. It wont connect. Any suggestions?



Does it complain of not connecting to Grbl versions which are not 1.1?

Here is a link to my google drive with CM 4.28. Try to download this and install. If it connects you may have to upgrade the firmware on the board. The newer versions expect the 1.1f firmware. If you need the firmware upgrade contact to get the file and instructions.

If the older version works then upgrade firmware and get the newest CM to use.

If the older version does not work then check the usual suspects like the power supply is on and that the board has lights on it. Make sure you have a good usb cable by trying to on something else that uses a usb cable.

I will search to see if I have an older version of CM and post that link here.

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