Shapeoko 3 Wiring a solid state relay & probe

Anyone using a solid state relay with a shapeoko 3?
Iot Relay

I want to be sure I wire it correctly.
Also want to wire a 3 axis probe?


I have a relay to control my routher and cooling fans (I don’t use a dust collector), but it’s not a solid state relay. I don’t think anybody has a 5v (trigger) solid state capable of 20+ amps. PS the Lot relay in your picture is not solid state either.

And I ALSO have a probe (one of the best things I did).

Ask away.



I was using this relay (you are correct not solid state) on my x-carve to control my router & shop vac and I am hoping to do the same on my shapeoko 3.
I just found this image of my board which shows the pin outs. Thanks to J tech.
The “pwm” out does not have a dedicated ground. Am I correct in saying I can use any ground pin-out?
Thanks for your help.


There are many boards out there. My picture is the newer Ver2.4 which clearly marked (PWM + and GND).

I recommend mounting the relay away from the controller board just to make sure yo udon’t have any disconnect issues.


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