Shapeoko 3 X Axis Upgrade

Would like to upgrade to the XL size, but want to add an extruded frame and some other custom additions. So - only the X extrusion would be used from the upgrade kit. Wondering if only the extrusion can be purchased (If Carbide happens to spot this post), or if the Inventables Makerslide can be used in place of the X extrusion.

Thanks in advance for any input for those that have made modifications.

I’m afraid that as a policy Carbide 3D doesn’t do à la carte part sales. (but of course, warranty / replacements for damaged parts are available)

It’s a kit, and you can modify it how you wish though.

Even Wide Makerslide is nowhere near as strong / rigid as the custom extrusion for the SO3 line (see: ) — I’m not aware of a compatible extrusion, but there are others which would be a better choice than Makerslide (though you might have to bolt on V rails and will have to drill new holes).


I love the X-carve vs Shapeoko writeup


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