Shapeoko 3 xl drag chain set up

Hi all! New here, especially in the cnc world. I have the shapeoko 3 xl and the upgraded HDZ. I have started to assemble. I am to the point of installing the drag chain brackets. The instructions are indicating that the gantry and the left Y-axis have machined threaded holes for a few brackets to be installed. There are no holes other than the two on the left Y-axis rail for the controller. I’m at a stand still trying to figure out if I’m either reading the wrong instructions for this model or just unlucky to have received parts without the proper holes machined out. Your responses would be much appreciated!!!

The older SO3 models did not have holes drilled in the rails. You can just drill and tap or use 3M double sided tape to secure the brackets. At various stages of development of the SO3 they made changes during production. The position of the left side drag chain can be exactly where it was before the upgrade. The HDZ does not effect the drag chain. The previous Z axis had wires running through it just like the HDZ Z axis does. So just duplicate what was there before. The bracket should have a hole to secure the drag chain with a bolt.

The two sided tape will eventually fail. For now secure the drag cable with the two sided tape and see if you need to relocate it slightly. Then when you get the position nailed down simply drill and tap some holes to secure the bracket permanently. IMHO

Ok thankyou! I will use double sided tape to set up and then drill and tap holes once I know it’s good. I appreciate it!

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