Shapeoko 3 XL **Very Light Use** For Sale

Bought this Shapeoko 3 XL brand new on March 27, 2018. I haven’t been able to use it as much as I wanted in the last few months so I’ve decided to sell it and gain the valuable space back in my tiny workshop.

I have test run a V-Carve bit for a little sign and I have used it to make 18 tee signs for a golf course out of pine and that is it. Only about 12 hours run time at the most. Other than dust and some double stick tape residue. This machine is pretty much brand new. I only used one #302 V-carve bit and a #201 for the sign project. The rest of the bits are unopened.

The machine is fully assembled and the T-track is installed. I would rather not ship such a heavy thing. I will be willing to drive and meet at a reasonable distance for me and buyer. It shipped in 4 boxes from the factory. So the only thing you won’t be getting is all the packing material. I would be willing to keep the bits and router and subtract $300 from the asking price.

Below is a list of what is included (this is the original order from Carbide):

“1x #202 .25” Ball Cutter (Qty 2) for $35.00
1x #111 .0625" Ball Cutter (Qty 3) for $25.00
1x #112 .0625" Flat Cutter (Qty 3) for $25.00
1x #101 .125" Ball Cutter (Qty 3) for $25.00
1x #102 .125" Flat Cutter (Qty 3) for $25.00
1x #201 .25" Flat Cutter (Qty 2) for $30.00
1x #302 0.50" V-Bit Cutter - 60° - (Qty 2) for $50.00
1x T-Track and Clamp Kit - XL for $150.00
1x Shapeoko XL/XXL Kit - XL Kit with Dewalt for $1,630.00

Subtotal : $1,995.00 USD"

Asking $1800. Looking for best offer.

I am located in Stockton, CA 95204.

do you have a touch probe?

No, I do not have a touch probe.

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