Shapeoko 3 XL Work Bench easy option

Hi there,

I am new using CNC routers and recently got my XL, so far so good! very happy with the results cutting wood.

Just wanted to share this workbench option for the XL that fits just right, for those having a hard time looking for a workbench or table and space is limited.

I found this workbench in Walmart online (with free shipping, in TX) for about 80 dlls.

I did not use the upper back side of this workbench and used the parts to build a side table on left side, as well as the MDF that was on the top, just drilled a couple of holes and used the bolts included and some plastic ties, nothing more.

Anyway, if someone is looking for an option like this, now you know you can buy this workbench for your SO3 XL and will fit.


I have the same in my worksop. Got mine at Harborfreight. On sale you can get is for about $80 too. Built really well and comes with pegboard and 48" light.


Will the XL fit on it with the pegboard and light?

I believe so. I have the base 16" model which is 24" front to back, the same size as the bench depth. The bench is also 48" wide which i believe is the XL width too.

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