Shapeoko 3 XL/XXL Assembly Guide Update

As someone who recently got their XL kit, the guide you email out is horrendously lacking. I was able to find everything I needed on the website, but it was all in separate articles and not in one place.

The full guide for the XL/XXL is full of grammar issues, wrong words, pictures that show absolutely nothing when compared to the description accompanying them.

I would be MORE than happy to help compile a more complete guide as I have just put together and taken apart my machine COMPLETELY (for future education if parts need to be changed/upgraded/fixed). I just think a more in depth guide would streamline the assembly process by ten fold.

Apologies if no one agrees with me, and please do not take this post as anger or hatred towards the current guide/product. It is just my opinion as someone who has written technical guides for 10+ years, that it could use a face lift :: )


Agreed. You’d think they would be tired on answering the same questions over and over. Just put all of this info in an assembly guide.

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Videos would be awesome,not only for a guide but for alot of fixes/mods/fine tuning and how to’s,Glad you were able to get it put together :slight_smile:

the assembly guide works, it just lacks in a lot of places as far as a proper technical document goes. The machine itself is very very straight forward to assemble, almost like looking at a simple lego set from the box art and putting it together from that.

With that said, NONE of my bags or boxes had any labeling on them, but it was not to hard to figure out what was what.

It would be nice to see a guide with better descriptions and images however. I will take my machine apart again at some point in the next week or so and make a short guide. There isn’t a proper XL guide anyway.

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Yeah, kind of mystified and a bit hurt by this (situation) — always thought the SO2 instructions (esp. the diagrams) were pretty cool:

and enlarged diagrams such as:

diagrams like that in the XL/XXL assembly guide would BE AMAZING!!! Apologies if my post hurt you, it was not intended to do so…

Did you try clicking on the parts list (in the svg)?

FWIW, it’s the situation which hurts, not the commentary

the pdf I got had no parts listing, but the website itself has EVERYTHING. If I have the time I will happily compile a new guide and post it. I am sure everyone would be excited/happy with that.

Just got to the wiring portion of the instructions and I’m about to pull my hair out…none of the cables are labeled and the technical terminology of part names is over my head. Guess I will check the site for more info…

I found it necessary to label the cables myself (please note the drag chain opens up).

To review parts and terminology see: and

You might find reviewing the SO2 docs helpful.

Thanks Will, I just finished assembly. I also marked my cables, but that was difficult because some of the cable numbers didn’t match the parts list in the assembly. So I had to guess. Also, took me a while to figure out which was the Y1 and Y2 motors (still not 100% sure). Also, would it hurt to use a small self tapping screw on the ends of the cable chains? The adhesive isn’t really cutting the mustard. I cleaned and held them for 30 seconds and the one on the Y axis still came loose.

No huhu on swapping the motors – the axis will be reversed and you can fix it when you test.

Using screws to secure the drag chains is becoming a consensus.

Ok, thanks for the info Will! Getting ready to fire it up for the first time here in about an hour. Hopefully all goes well. Thanks again


If you have any questions, need help, please drop me a message and I would be happy to provide advice. It is confusing, but once you do it once it is super straight forward. You are not alone in being confused by the guide, but once you get it set up you will look back at it and be like “oh, ok that makes sense” haha.

But yeah please drop me a message if you get stuck.



Thank you gnl! I ran a small job last night…seemed to be ok. I did run from Fusion 360 and not Carbide Create and was a little overwhelmed with all the settings lol. Seemed to be ok though. Can’t wait until I’m more familiar with it all!

Hey guys. I brand new to the group and have just ran into the very same situation as described above. I’m assembling the 3 xl and am currently at a stop at the wiring harness installation. Any updates on some pics or instructions? I did some digging and am still pretty lost. What wires go to what chain? And don’t need to remove links from both chains? Thanks in advance!!!

Have you been here:

I basically put all my wires in the chains, except the router.
Also, a trick I use is to stick one wire through the chain first to pull the others back through.
And you can open the links, as stated above.

The XL instructions have moved: but they are for the new state.

We have some photographs and notes here: — hopefully those will help.

Yes, remove 20 links from the Y-axis drag chain.

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Thanks gents for the information. I finally found a good set of instructions for the XXL and used them. It took a bit to make some adjustments on the wiring to ensure there was enough slack towards the controller, but I got it running and was able to complete the Hello World project. I did have issues with homing though. I would click to initialize and it would just rattle. I ensured home was set to true and did the $22=1 thing. Any suggestions?

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did you set the table size in cm to850.00? and did you send it with $$

set $130=850 and $131=850 for the XXL.

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