Shapeoko 3 XL / XXL wasteboard

Does Carbide 3d sell wasteboard for the XXL size, similar to the wasteboard that comes with the Shapeoko XXL or the expansion kit? Just in case if the the wasteboard gets botched up and a user doesn’t want to put in the initial holes before having to replace the wasteboard? I would find this helpful if Carbide 3d or somebody does.

At this time, we don’t sell the MDF wasteboards — unfortunately, it costs about as much to ship as it does to buy locally at a home center — suggest buying a blank of MDF, having the home center cut it to the desired dimensions, then use some transfer punches and a drill to get the holes into the new one.

Best practice is to spray the original w/ spar urethane or some similar moisture resistant finish, then use the above technique to make a spoilboard, then cut make replacements as needed.

Or, work up some more readily replaced system — I did a spacer blank and T-track and PVC spacers: