Shapeoko 3 XXL for sale *in UK*

Available in ~6wks time. This has been and continues to be an excellent machine that has taken me from zero CNC experience to the point of being ready to buy a full industrial machine - hence the reason for sale.

Includes the following:

  • Shapeoko 3 XXL
  • HDZ
  • Bit-setter
  • Part probe (one of Luke’s earlier ones)
  • Windows tablet to run Carbide Motion
  • RPM meter (for setting more accurate spindle RPM)
  • Makita router (plus all parts that came with the router, so it can be used off the machine if you want)
  • 3D printed dust boot.
  • Very sturdy 1200 x 1200mm table (can be disassembled/reassembled easily)
  • Tracked waste board and suitable fasteners
  • A couple of 3D printed clamps
  • Vacuum table (one ‘scar’ that doesn’t affect performance, otherwise excellent condition) that uses a regular vacuum for power.
  • A selection of carbide single flute tools, plus some bigger ones for surfacing and a couple of ball-ended ones.
  • A couple of 3D printed tool holders.
  • Collets for 8mm tools and a couple of reducers so you can run 1/8" and 3mn tools in the 6mm collet.
  • Will thrown in some pieces of MDF and whatever other odds ‘n’ ends I have so you can practice.

I also have a very capable CAD PC with a great graphics card that I can bundle with the machine. I had it built last year (~£1200 tower only) for running SolidWorks so it eats Fusion or Carbide Create etc. for breakfast and would be a very fast machine for running the Shapeoko if you wanted to. I can supply spec. and photo’s to anyone interested.

I can deliver it (£1/mile) and would happily show anyone who’s interested the basics of how to set up and operate it.

With the CAD PC included, I’m looking for £2600, without PC £2000.

Here’s the machine along with a few things I’ve made on it:



Hi there. Do you mind me asking how you built that vacuum table? I’m interested in doing one for my own machine.

It’s a bought one from

They have some videos that show the construction though - wouldn’t be hard to replicate.

Wow, I didn’t know this company even existed!

Although I’m not in the market for a Shapeoko XXL (sorry) thanks for the link! even @jepho might be interested!

They were very helpful when I bought mine too. Definitely recommend. I looked at the cost and time to make one and to be honest it barely seemed worth it. I added the elbows on the hose to better route them but otherwise I’ve just bolted it down and used it.

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Nobody? I’ll listen to offers…

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