Shapeoko 3 XXL "Hello World"


welcome to the family :slight_smile:

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HaHa,Thank you Brad :slight_smile:

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Here is the link for the 3d printed pen plotter

works really well for running “hello world” or just playing around with drawings.I know easel has a trace feature you can upload diffrent pictures and play around with tracing them out and drawing them with the shapeoko

I want one of those 3D pen plotter holders!
I’m gonna get my buddy “Fablicator” to print me one (and the dust shoe too).

Thx for these great links.

Your welcome,if the fablicator cant do it for you mabie we can work somthing out :slight_smile:

On the “drawing” subject, whose got a recommendation for conventional bmp, png, jpg, etc to SVG conversion utility or drawing package?

Much appreciated @orlrobinson.
I’ll be in touch if Drew “doesn’t”.

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Pretty sure inkscape will so just “save as” with the file extension you want

Inkscape will allow for importing / placing pixel (bmp, JPEG, &c.) images, and will use protrace to auto-trace them — it’s better to re-trace them — this applies to pretty much any vector graphics app.