Shapeoko 3 XXL - Issues with X axis stepper motor


Recently got around to assembling my shapeoko3 XXL i ordered when it was first announced (life got in the way) and have been calibrating and upgrading it recently. Ive discovered that the stepper motor along the X axis is not providing enough resistance such that I am able to physically move the x axis gantry easily while the shapeoko is powered on.

I’ve tuned all the belts to 100hz tension and tightened the v wheels as best I can which leads me to believe the issue with the motor. It’s causing it to move about 0.5-1mm off each time along the x axis leading to uneven side cuts and wrong plotting. I’ve attached some photos of final result. This was after I installed the bitzero and bitsetter today but the problem has been present since earlier.


Hey Shoon! Welcome!

Check out your Pulley Grub Screws.

Let us know if that helps; it is a common issue/solution.

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Yup having done more googling and less panicking ive discovered that one of the tiny screws holding the pulley shaft to the motor is missing. Now i need to find a shop in my country that sells such a tiny screw. I’m open to suggestions (as long as it has international shipping).

Shoot a mail to and they will sort you out.


The screws are standard M3 set screws — any decent hardware store should have them, or you can use an M3 SHCS of suitable length (8–10mm) — but as noted, contact support and we’ll get it sorted out.

Ok that’s good to know. I managed to get both an m3 10 and m3 8 but are both screw head rather than the hex that the shapeoko came with. Hopefully those should work


They will…

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