Shapeoko 3 xxl Proximity sensors

I have a brand new Shapeoko 3 XXL which came with proximity sensors, and I have intermittent issues with X, Y and Z switches that fail the initialization of the machine, throwing up error messages.

Sometimes the Z axis proximity switch is triggered before it reached the top of its full travel.

Sometimes the X and Y axis never move and throws up the same error messages.

GRBL error: Homing Failed, pull off didn’t clear.

Once that has been acknowledged then this error message appears.

Homing cycle failed.

Please help a frustrated Newby who is loosing the will to live.

Please check all the wiring and connectors for condition and consistency.

Please check the PCB Riser Board that it is correctly and firmly seated.

Do you have a BitSetter or BitZero? If a BitZero is the ground lead securely stored to that it isn’t triggering a false positive?

If you continue to have difficulties let us know at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

I have checked the X, Y and Z cable’s, the PC riser board is fitted correctly, the pc riser board connection to the mother board is not what you would call a tight fit but, I have checked it time and time again.

If I angle the Z axis proximity sensor clock wise slightly, the Z axis does complete its run but fails with the previously mentioned errors. If the Z axis sensor is completely in the vertical position it fails to complete its full travel. Like I have stated this is very intermittent, but today it is not working correctly.

I do not have a BitSetter or BitSensor installed





don’t help, let us know all these specifics at: (include a link to this discussion) and we’ll work this out.

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When I upgraded my X switch was a little high. Maybe your switches are a little too far away. Adjust them so they are not hit but just a few thousands away from being hit.

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It’s really weird how one day the Z axis works fine but not the next, this also goes for the X, Y axis, some days it work next days it doesn’t, very frustrating

Hi Eric,

As Will said you should contact if you haven’t already, they may be able to troubleshoot this with you more interactively?

When this happens, can you tell if the LED of the prox switch lights up? That would be a confirmation that the controller is getting false positive detections and we can go from there.

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