Shapeoko 3 XXL Z-axis Router Harness Movement

On my last carve, I noticed a significant amount of movement as the router came down with the z-axis and started carving into the wood. I tightened all eccentric nuts/belts seem OK but the movement is coming from the router harness/holster itself. I haven’t taken apart the z-axis, but couldn’t see any way to tighten the holster from pivoting.

Any ideas on how to tighten that harness to prevent pivoting or further movement? I did go through some of the forum faqs but didn’t see anything on this specific part movement.

it’s bolted from behind… if you take the Z-axis off the machine, you can tighten those bolts… they should be very tight
(and … of you have loctite or similar, might want to use that)


If I recall you should be able to access the two bolts on the back for the mount thru two holes at the bottom of travel. One hole is visible in your picture.

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I would recommend taking a look at this video to ensure your Shapeoko is square and calibrated. This should also discuss tramming the router, and tightening the spindle mount.


Thanks everyone! I loosed the belts, took the Z off, found the two screws on the other side, added some Loctite to both threads and secured.

That did the trick! Thank you all for the help.

Here were the screws towards the bottom that were sealed and tightened:



If you decide to use thread locker be sure to use REMOVEABLE and not permanent. Permanent means permanent and you have to get a torch on it to break it loose.


I bought both. Good thing, I decided to try the removable one first before the permanent. Good to know though, thought I would take it in stages as a precaution :+1:

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