Shapeoko 3 XXL z-plus install issue

Hello all, I hope someone can help.
I upgraded to the zplus and installed it. it seemed to all go well and I thought it was all working. That’s what should have told me there was something wrong. lol, Anyway. i just tried my first project after the z-plus install and i can set the zero and and the program seems to start fine but the program starts cutting way to low. I am sure that there is some setting i goofed up somewhere. Has anyone had this issue. Thanks in advance for your help

Have you selected the Z plus in the machine settings page to tell the controller what it’s operating?

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As Liam said check your configuration. Some times people select the HDZ that has 320 steps and the Z-Plus has 200 steps. The zero goes fine but then cuts too deep because the Z stepper motor is moving more steps than the Z-Plus is designed for. Resend your configuration and make sure the Z-plus is selected on the initial selection and later it is confirmed.

Yes i have checked that. The z does not seem to be the problem. it is my y axis that is the problem. i thought maybe there was something wrong with the settings but i let it cut and it cut the letter out fine just not in the right spot. I am cutting letters out of a 24x24 piece of mdf. The first letter should start cutting about 2 inches from the top of the board, and it is cutting about 13 inches from the top of the board. I figured that if there was something wrong with the y travel it would have flatten the letter but it cuts it out just fine.

OK, i found my problem. NOOB mistake. In Carbide create i must have fat fingered the zero setting for the piece. Somehow i changed it, i put it back to the bottom left corner and…voila it is working correctly.
Thanks for trying to help.

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