Shapeoko 3 Z-Plus Z axis issue

Just a heads-up if your having issues with your HD Z-axis. I occasionally was having the z-axis fail the homing cycle during start-up. I have the solid state homing switch. I have the old style BitSetter and once in awhile it starts routing with the z-axis way off. I took the z-axis apart and found the pin that flags the switch had backed way out, was at an angle, and dragging on the back plate! You can’t see this without taking it apart as it is buried within this very compact assembly. I tightened it up and it’s working much better!


Is your z-axis a Z+ or HDZ?
On my HDZ the inductive limit switch senses the top of the carriage.


I think you’re correct! Z-plus. I couldn’t remember its name and just looked at the current model. My bad!

No worries.
Next time this happens I would recommend putting some thread-locker on it to keep it from working loose again.

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