Shapeoko 3XXL customize order options gone?

I’ve been considering the XXL for a while now, and the last time I was on the site looking at the options there was a customization process where you could decide what you did and didn’t want with your kit (tools, waste board etc). I can’t seem to find that area any more.

Did they do away with the options?

I’m afraid that that has never been an option — while they’ve slightly increased, there are only a couple of options offered by Carbide 3D:

  • SO3/XL/XXL (full kit only, Sparkfun offers (offered?) a mechanical-only or deluxe opensource kit in red)
  • bring-you-own-spindle/Dewalt/Makita
  • (SO3 only) aluminum threaded table (add-on — you’re stuck with the original MDF, cut it up for projects or use as a spoilboard)

I believe the Inventables had that sort of thing as an option back when they were selling the Shapeoko.

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Oh Holy Hell! I was thinking of the X-Carve (another machine I’ve been pondering).

Thanks! While I may be embarrassed at least I’m not going crazy.