Shapeoko 4 cutout enlongated vs dimensionally correct

I may of missed it but was the machine properly initialialized before your first use?

Your solution $100 = 80 worked. Cuts now appear symmetrical.

Is this a permanent solution or is there still an issue with the controller and it needs replacing? Not too interested in a further problem down the road as I get into more detailed projects.

Thanks for your assistance today!

It will work until something else goes wrong.

If you contact us at we’ll work out how to handle things.

Settings are persistant once set. However if you resend config and it is wrong the new config becomes persistant. If you send config check the config before using by sending $$ in mdi interface in cm.

Possible you accidently got a 0.9 degree stepper?

Doubling the steps will decrease X axis max travel speeds but increase movement resolution.

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