Shapeoko 4 Manufacturing Defects


I just received my Shapeoko 4 XL, and I immediately found some disappointing manufacturing defects before I even started assembling it.

I first noticed it in the bag that contains the extra hardware: the pair of M6-tapped 25mm x 40mm black anodized aluminum cylinders. They are very precisely machined, however they have clearly been very roughly handled prior to anodization. There are nicks all around, which mostly don’t matter, EXCEPT there are also impacts to the transition between the cylindrical face and the top and bottom faces, and because of the tiny chamfer - perhaps 0.25mm - these deformities transferred as high spots in the top and bottom faces.

The attached photos are examples, and not the entire scope. One is from the spares bag and the other was mounted on a base frame member.

The solution is pretty easy - make the chamfer wider! Preventing this problem is pretty much what chamfers are for!

Please write in regarding such issues at and we’ll do our best to sort things out.