Shapeoko 4 with Makita RF1101

Anyone tried the new Shapeoko4 with the Makita RF1101? I’d like to jump to the larger router so I can have the flexible of being able to use 1/2" bits…

Because of the extra weight, it’s not recommended — heavier spindles are the province of the HDZ, and the only mounts for it are for 65mm and 80mm, so only “real” spindles unless one makes a custom mount.

Something shy of 4 pounds vs over 7 pounds. As much as I’d love to use a .5" tool, I’ve been inclined to keep it light.

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So the only light weight option is a spindle? I’m just not sure I’d like to commit to all that’s involved in that yet…

Carbide did respond to me & said that the Shapeoko4 can use a router that is either 65mm or 69mm in diameter and weighs less than 7 pounds with the machine.

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Another issue is the size of the router body. I looked up the Makita and it is 3.25" diameter. I did a calculation of 80MM and it equals 3 5/32. So the Makita may not fit into an 80MM mount. You could make a custom mount but that defeats the dropin idea of an off the shelf router.

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65 and 69mm translate to Carbide Compact Router, Makita RT0701, &c., 65mm spindles and the DeWalt DWP611 (the only 69mm option save for the equiv. single speed Porter Cable which is only really an option if paired w/ a VFD/Super PID).

To get to 1/2" tooling on a spindle you’ll need an ER-20 collet which AFAIK isn’t available in 65mm units which seem to top out at ER-16.

There is a 3/8" collet option for the Makita RT0701 which also fits the Carbide Compact Router (but isn’t supported)

I think that 3/8" tooling is the max that really matches the capability of the machine, and most of the applicable larger diameter wasteboard surfacing bits and bowl bits come in a 1/4" shank. The C3D/Makita collets as @WillAdams pointed out can run a 3/8" collet, as I have and it works great. In my opinion and experience, 1/2" tooling is the area of larger machines anyway. :slight_smile:


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