Shapeoko 4 xl job error

I just finished building my shapeoko 4 xl, and it initialized fine, but when I try to run a job (in this case just an air cut) it just goes straight for the home position, and rams into the side, totally ignoring the limit switches, its properly set up as a 4 xl in carbide motion, any ideas?

Update: its working great now, I was just being an idiot and didn’t zero it, thankyou for the replies!

Are you certain it is set as the S4 XL? I am not in front of my machine, but I believe in Carbide Motion, you have to select the S4 XL from the drop down, and then send the configuration to the machine. Have you done this?

It sounds like your gantry is moving beyond the X axis limit correct?

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How are you setting your work zero?

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There are no limit switches on any Shapeoko. There are homing switches. When you send the configuration in CM it is CM that limits jogging limits. However if you give commands that are beyond the physical limits gcode tries to carry out those commands. There are no limit switches. In the GBRL configuration there are soft and hard limits but if you use CM they are ignored. If you use a 3rd party gcode sender then the hard/soft limits are observed. CM is more than a gcode sender. It was written by c3d specifically for Shapeoko/Nomad and do more to control the c3d machines than a regular gcode sender.


How did you set up your work zeros in Carbide Create? Do they match how you set the work zeros on the machine?

This is perfectly true, but Carbide Motion does call them limit switches in its error dialogs.

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@gdon_2003 Good to know. Thank you for the insight.

What other internal controls or machine specific characteristics does CM handle that other 3rd party controllers would be unaware of or not monitor for generally??

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