Shapeoko 4x2 resurfacing

Heres a question that I haven’t seen mentioned in searches.

I wrote my own program to resurface my Shapeoko 4x2. I was using a 3/4" diameter cutter. I measured my exact spoilboard size and allowed slightly more to clear. I set my zero with a Vee bit to ensure I had the zero correct. I moved my machine to the front left position and found out that I ran out of travel. This left a ridge of unsurfaced material about 1/2 inch the entire width of the table.

So my question is if that normal or is there a way to resurface that area as well?

We have a file for this at:

I was able to surface the full width of my 4x2 using a 1/4" tool — how did you define your geometry and toolpath? Post the file?

I saw that progam but it was based off a 1" cutter rather than my 3/4".

Im on my phone right now and can try and post the program tomorrow from my computer.

I was thinking more on this. I don’t think is a program question.

I jog forward on the Y axis as far as it will go to zero but its still short about 1/2" from the edge. The ridge that remains is all the way along the front X axis edge.

Post a photo?

I was able to set the origin at the front edge of my machine when doing slats individually. (since then I’ve implemented the Gantry Shift option)

Indiana 5.c2d (360 KB)

I’ve added a picture of the ridge left behind but today I have come across another issue and I don’t know if it’s related. I tried to run “Indiana 5” attached and the text with a vee bit plunged .75" rather than the .06 that I have set. I tried to compare this one to the Flag file I attached which ran perfectly.

So what am I missing? It’s too hot to keep screwing up.

I would suggest checking in w/ the folks at who should be able to walk through this with you.

What version number of Carbide Motion are you running?