Shapeoko 5 4x4 makita router


I just received my Shapeoko 5 4x4 and am busy assembling it!! I was planning on starting on using the Makita router that I have already, until I outgrow it/get some more experience and then upgrade to a spindle. My current challenge is the router cord seems to be half the length it needs to be to run through the drag chains. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it work?

Thank you in advance!

-If the cord only reaches thru one cable guide, use an extension cord to go thru the rest.

  • Alternatively, you could splice an extension cord to the existing cord.
  • Or you could crack open the Makita housing & replace the existing cord with an extension cord of the appropriate length.
    But the latter options do require some electrical know-how & such to ensure they are safe.

If your spindle has a cord too short to reach all the way through the drag chain, our recommendation is to run it along the vacuum hose (I go up to the ceiling through a looped bungie cord on my SO3).

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Thank you for your quick responses. I hit a road block and kinda freaked out I appreciate the support. I think I will try just going up for now and then looking into switching out the wire for the router.


However you arrange things, make sure that the power connections are secure, and that things are secured so that wiring/connectors won’t suffer repetitive stress which will damage or loosen it.

Good point. I hope to not keep it permanent lol.

I ran into your exact situation. My Makita is brand new and I didn’t want to open it up to replace the wire so I ordered the C3D router. I’m kind of picky on how things look and I didn’t want to ruin a brand new palm router either.

This is a simple fix, splice in an extension line with plug by using a like cord. No one will ever see it and you will never have an issue with it providing you do the splice properly. You may be able to salvage a cord from an old power tool / appliance no longer in use or buy an extension cord for about $10 at the Depot. It’s cheaper to buy an extension cord versus a replacement cord.

I am going to attempt that. Unfortunately I ran into a road block as my machine doesnt want to initialize. I am emailed support and waiting for assistance.

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