Shapeoko 5 4x4 Y homing failure

Alright assemble my shapeoko 5 4 x 4 this week it came with the bum Z switch so I waited and got that switched out now with the new part on I initialize the machine and it does this to me keeps telling me:

homing cycle has failed and that machine control restarted unexpectedly and may be an undefined state. Dual Y failed homing failed couldn’t find limit switch.

Maybe I skipped a step anyone got any input on how to resolve this issue?

Also on a side note I had upgraded Carbide Motion and now I am having a similar issue on my Shapeoko 3 XXL. What luck :woozy_face:

Hi @mattlo97,

It’s possible that the Y switches were always faulty but you are only seeing it now because the faulty Z switch was popping up first before. To test the Y switchs, go in Carbide Motion / connect / go to Settings, there is a GRBL active input pins line there, if you bring a metal object near the front of the Y switches, does something appear under that line then ? Also do the switches LEDs turn on ? are they permanently on ?

Anyway make sure you contact about this issue, they will help you troubleshoot and send out replacement parts as appropriate


I had a similar issue.
It was a bad Y sensor. Carbide sent me a link to this video to diagnose my machine.

I ran the tests while taking a video. I sent the video to Support.
Make sure you use a piece of metal to activate your limit sensors.

Hi Julien, I checked my Y switches and noticed that the on the Left side of the Y switch I get a light but when I check the GRBL settings I do not see it appear on the Carbide Motion, but the red light lights up when I bring a metal object near the switch, I am hoping this is the issue.

If the switch lights up but does not register in CM, it might be an issue in the cabling. Go back and double-check all connections from the switch to the controller. Support should be able to narrow the problem down to a specific part


I just double checked all my connections everything looks good nothing out of the ordinary. I hope to hear back from them tomorrow and see what they say.

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