Shapeoko 5 - Homing Error

Apologize for the long post. Just frustrated.

Let me start this off with the fact carbide support has been awesome trying to help me resolve this but we still haven’t been able to fix it yet and it’s been nearly 3 weeks of back and forth.

This all started with me trying to setup the bitsetter for the first time and ran into issues. It wouldn’t work so I reached out to support and after some back and forth through email they said I had the wrong front plate extension cable and were sending me a new one. (I disconnected it during this troubleshooting). Ever since this I have not been able to initialize my machine. Even after they sent me a new cable so it’s obviously not the problem (nor really could it be).

I face timed with support when investigating it initially and they thought it was my controller based on how dim the green light was. We replaced that, checked all the limit switches and virtually combed through the entire machine. A replacement limit switch, controller, power pendants, X axis motor and firmware update later and i still can’t use my machine. My current error after updating carbide motion is

“There was an error during the homing process: carbide motion was unable to move off of the homing switches”

And if I turn it off and move it to the center before initializing I get the following error:

GRBL Alarm 9: Homing Fail. Could not find limit switches within search distance"

If starting from the center it will test the Z first and then moves to the Y limit switches which light up but it doesn’t back off from them like it used to when I first setup the machine. After that the X-Axis motor (old and new one) doesn’t even attempt to over to the X Axis limit switches. I checked all the cabling for the motor and don’t see any issues. Idk what else to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated!

The carbide techs are the best, I am confident they will resolve this soon despite the rocky road you are experincing.

Well they have yet to email me back today from everything I’ve sent them since Friday and haven’t called me back either. I was praising their support but now I’m kinda just frustrated. Pretty sure I’ve figured out the problem as well (the x motor wire in the harness) so now I’m just stuck here twiddling my thumbs

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We are sending you a replacement wiring harness — please let us know if that addresses your difficulty or no.


This was the exact same issue I had, only difference was I only had to wait 4 days to use my machine. Hopefully this resolves your issue!

I received it and replaced it and I still have the same issue :pensive:.

Please let us know about this at and we will work with you to determine what the difficulty is and how to handle this.

I actually just got off the phone with them and we’re going to try another control board in case the replacement was faulty. Based on the conversation this problem has left everyone perplexed and if the control board doesn’t fix it no one knows what’s next. The X Axis motor is not locking up like it should when power is applied. We attempted to swap the X and Y motor (Which we know is working) and the problem remained for the X-Axis.

Was this ever resolved? I am having this exact issue but this is for my right Y axis motor. Unfortunately customer service is taking about a day to get back to me each time.

Yes just recently. Turned out to be a pinched wire on the bottom of the X-Axis motor. Replacing anything before that was just getting shorted out by it. Now everything is back up and running minus my spindle. Still having issues with it

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