Shapeoko 5 pro homing issue

ok, so out of the blue between jobs i noticed the spindle as i was lowering to set z height it looked like it was slipping and it was definitely skipping z minus steps. Then when i would hit z minus to lower it would raise for one sequence. I shut the machine down and went to initialize the machine and now it won’t initialize to the back right corner. The spindle drops down to the stock and comes back up.

Have two error messages:

  1. Machine controller restarted unexpectedly and may be in an undefined state

  2. GRBL error: homing failed, couldn’t find limit switch.

machine was running fine all day. I’m confused

Usually when the Z goes the wrong way on initialization it is the configuration. The Z-Plus and the HDZ run in opposite directions. So power on and connect but do not initialize. Go to Settings and set up the config and send it.

it won’t initialize at all tho

tried what you said just for the hell of it. same issue. it won’t move from where it currently is which is basically middle of the machine. i reset defaults and sent config data. Hit initialize and it very roughly lowers the spindle to the piece of stock I had in place and comes all the way back up. Then I get those same error messages

First, check all the wiring and ensure that it is in good conditions and all connectors secure.

Make sure that all rails and ball-screws are clean and well-lubricated.

Check that all hardware is secure.

If you don’t find anything obvious to address, let us know at

Since you are skipping steps and the Z is going the wrong way, very carefully check the wiring to the Z motor. If one wire has disconnected, then only one phase of stepper motor is working and it’s not going to do what the controller thinks it is doing.

Look for loose wires in each connector, or any signs of corrosion or arcing, or any signs that the connector has become hot (usually yellowing or blackening of the plastic).

thanks for the advice guys. I’ll check all this tomorrow. I sent an email to support initially to get a ticket started

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