Shapeoko 5 Pro owner satisfaction

Appreciate a raise of hands you 5 Pro owners here how assemble went and are you working the machine hard as a professional? I wouldn’t expect Carbide 3d to tell me how many have been delivered and what the feed back has been good/bad/ugly so I’ll throw it out here. I would expect them to say “many” have gone out and the response has been good.

I run an older 3 and I’m sure I will need an upgraded machine with 2’x4’ capability soon. For some reason Sienci doesn’t show me the quality I’m looking for. Onefinity has impressed me but I dread having to learn the whole Masso Controller thing. Onefinity tells me I will need to transfer my files via a USB flash stick. That sounds like a chore. With CC I complete content and save to my desktop, then launch with Motion. But at least for me I change/tweak the file often and then back to Motion with mouse clicks. Moving a USB stick back and forth sounds…goofy?

Anyway, thanks for your 5 Pro input…


I bought a 5 Pro I think it was last September. I had tons of trouble took about 2 months and five controllers and a couple limit switches and a z axis motor But the support guys were really good. Had a few loose screws on the z axis. I think that was the biggest problem as as soon as I tightened them things started going good.Putting it together wasn’t bad even without any help. I’m still struggling with some issues with the bit plunging into my projects. Doesn’t happen all the time. Its usually when i change the size of a project.But sometimes that’s not the case. I kinda just chock it up to experience but that can get frustrating. Especially when its a 20 dollar piece of wood that gets ruined.

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