Shapeoko 5 pro right y axis problem

when the machine is engaged the right Y axis ball screw can be turned by hand

Check all the motor wiring connectors and extensions.

Is all the hardware secure and in place?

How many revolutions can the ball-screw be turned? When doing so do you see some mechanical element of the machine (the DAC?) shifting to match?

Please check in at

All the wiring and extensions are correct
The hardware is secured in place
I can do infinite revolutions on the right Y axis, all other i can not turn by hand when the machine is engaged.
When i initialize the machine to go to home position, the right Y axis the servo motor doesnt work continuously. it works like in intervals.

The issue is only on the right Y axis, i dont see any other issues.

Check the coupler that attaches the stepper to the ballscrew. It has both a bolt for clamping to the ballscrew, and a set screw that indexes and tightens to a flat on the ballscrew.

Also check the bolts that attach the DAC (the ballscrew assembly that is in the Y carriage). It has, if I recall, 4 bolts that are accessible from the front of the assembly.


We believe the issue might be the wire, we tried the wire from the left servo motor, and the right servo motor does work properly and continuously.

We checked the coupler, they are all properly tide.
As well as the bolts that attach the DAC, they are all properly tide and put.

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