Shapeoko Belt-Drive Z is going away soon

The title says it all- in the very near future (probably Monday) we’ll be discontinuing the belt-drive Z variants of the Shapeoko.

Support for the belt-drive Z will continue, and the pricing on the Z-Plus version will not change.

We’re posting this here so that anyone who’s looking to get one before they go away has a chance over the next couple of days.


I’m on the waiting list for a Z-Plus (or HDZ, perhaps) - so if anyone wants my belt-driven Z once I get the replacement, contact me.

Glad to hear it! While I never had issues with the belt driven z I know some people did.

What about having the machine come standard with socket head cap screws instead of grub screws in the belt pulleys on the steppers? Slipping pulleys seems to be a consistent problem that pops up in the forums


I’ve Never had an Issue with mine. I’ve skipped the belt a “few” times…

I’d rather have the extra space with the belt drive then the Z-plus unless that has been resolved…
I’m not current on events

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Exactly how much z height is lost by fitting the Z-plus?

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