Shapeoko Board Problems

Hello, I’ve had my Shapeoko 3 about six months and have less than 20 hours on it. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been using a diode laser controlled through the Shapeoko board’s PWN/GRN pins. Today the laser wouldn’t work, nor would my Shapeoko. I have power. I see a green a light on the PS and blue light on the board; however, the blue light will only come on for a split second after plugging in. I’ve reset the board, restarted several times and even tried a different computer. No Luck!

Carbide advised they can’t support this issue because it’s related to a third party modification.

I’m not sure if my board is worthless, but is there any ‘easy’ way for me to test before shelling out $100 on a new board? Also, if I do have to buy a new board, is there any others I should get that would be better? I’d really like one I could easily plug in my laser. Thanks - Rick

Remove the laser wiring to make sure that is not shorting the controller. Don’t remove the laser just disconnect the wiring from the board.

I bought a new board a few months ago. It was $99.00 plus tax with free shipping.

If you replace the board make sure the Shapeoko works before plugging in your laser.

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Thanks Guy… . Was your new board from C3D or something else?

I got it from Carbide3d. The board is hidden in the store. It is available so search on store or write to for a link.

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