Shapeoko connected Raspberry Pi locking up

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As posted on the CM on RPi thread.

I’ve been using CNCjs for sometime, and I rather like the browser interface for control purposes. But I find that the RPi4 connected to the Shapeoko frequently locks up. I have not yet spent any time debugging this, but my casual observations suggest that the lockup occurs when I initially power the Shapeoko. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have Rpi’s on all manner of electronics, DAC’s, ADC’s, Audio Analyzer, 3D printers, Security Systems ect, all of which have never been unintentionally reset, turned off, or locked up to my knowledge.

The RPi4 is powered via an official Raspberry Pi power supply.

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Yes, and I never had time to troubleshoot. It was not frequent (I got it during long jobs, mostly) but still annoying.

My first advice would be to try CM on RPi (since this is now possible, c.f. the other thread) and see if you still get those lock ups, to know where to look at least. Because my gut tells me that in my case it was CNCjs’s kinda heavyweight infrastructure (Node.js) that was not the best for the Rpi.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a CNCjs fan and use it everyday…on my Win10 laptop, and it never fails me. But on the Pi…well…I’m sure it can be made to be 100% reliable, but I miss the linux-fu (and willpower) to go and deep dive to figure out which internal Rpi process interferes with the Node.js server and ends-up locking up the connection.

I’ll be happy to hear if others report flawless reliability with CNCjs on the Pi, and then I will certainly give it another go!


I should have my XL set up with a Pi in a week or so. Be interested to compare notes on the CNCjs experience.
Be advised, I have a non-standard controller on mine.
Maybe @neilferreri has some advice?

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Weird, my Pi has not had any issue running the CNCJS server (on RPi3B+). Occasionally, I need to refresh the IP address webpage if the the progress bar is not updating, but that’s the biggest issue I have had with it (which is just more of a small CNCJS server issue rather than the Pi itself freezing). No problem running programs, macros, built-in laser control and especially no issues with connecting CNCJS initially to the Shapeoko on power-up. My Pi has run constantly over many On/Off cycles with the CNC without connection issues. This is over the past couple of years with using it.

Maybe need to reflash the Pi due to some weird serial connection problem? I’m no software/hardware expert though.


Thank you for your responses.

Seems I am getting some differing behavior. I’ve had multiple flashes on this RPi, originally setup as a headless server, and now in a less recommended desktop configuration. I’ve had to reflash a few times to repair various command line stuff I buggered up, and lacked the abilities to easily repair; easy enough to start over.

Regardless of configuration, I’ve never had an issue with CNCjs not responding while running a program. I am going to attempt to reliably reproduce the lockup today, but I think it relates only to initial Shapeoko controller power up. Its my understanding that the modern RPi, sans the Zero, can handle USB inrush and transients as one would expect from modern electronics. But I’ll attempt to isolate that, as well as check the circuit for transients. I suppose I can also swap in another Rpi, without CNCjs, and see if that produces a lock up.

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Haven’t had the motivation to really hash it out, but I’ve run a few small jobs on the machine, and in the process, have definitively established that the lockup occurs upon initial shapeoko energization. Fire the Shapeoko up, USB connected, Rpi locks up. Fire the Shapeoko up, USB disconnected, connect to Rpi, Rpi locks up. After this initial event, I can hot swap, power down/power up Pi, no further event.

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