Shapeoko crashing when tunring off spindle

have been using my shapeoko for a while now and today twice it seemed to go into nirvana right after turning off the spindle. of course this happens right after doing a 4 hour 3D carving before needing to cut the part out and loosing the zeroing.

it lost the connection and nothing helped except for turning the shapeoko off and on

anything i can do to prevent this from happening?



This is caused by EMI. has some suggestions, but they’re also here more-or-less:

Please try the things which you feel apply to your situation and which you are comfortable with — hopefully that will solve things. If not, contact, mention that you’ve gone through the above and note the specifics of what you’ve tried and we’ll take it to the next level.

I’m curious about something. The choke on my router slides along the power cable. Does it make any difference if it is closer to the outlet or closer to the spindle?

Unfortunately, that’s probably not a ferrite bead, but an anti-theft tag (if you have a Dewalt).

I believe it’s better to have it closer to the spindle (and even better to have two, one at each end).


thanks will read through these and try some things. obviosuly not easy as it doesnt happen all the time.

the USB isolator sounds interesting because one time i had my laptop reboot when moving the gantry by hand but i doubt it will help with what happened today allthough you never know

Try to avoid moving the machine by hand — due to how they’re wired, the stepper motors act as generators. In theory the electronics are set up to prevent this from being a problem, but it’s safer not.

I noticed when I first got the machine that when I moved the gantry by hand, some of the leds on the board would glow. That was one of the reasons I purchased some ferrite chokes and put one on my spindle (so, no, they are not anti-theft devices as you proclaimed).

probably != proclaimed.

If you have another ferrite bead, suggest putting it at the other end of the cord.

It;s the same on the Makita also, just an anti theft mag strip.Also remember to turn the router speed to low before turning it off, that helps and the position of the cords may have moved after using it successfully and not noticing that they may be hanging too close to each other now. Thats happened to me too, just complacency(sp). Check list, right Will? good luck.


I came to ask this question regarding the Makita. So I can discard mine, as it’s not doing anything EMI wise?

I did that to mine, see above.

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On the dewalt cable, as it comes from the factory, there -is- an antitheft tag on it. If you took it off, good for you.

That said, the chokes have ZERO affect on the generator affect of moving the carriage.

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Again, I’m talking about a choke and not the anti-theft device. I don’t care about the anti-theft device. It’s irrelevant to my original question of where to put the choke on the router power cable.

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If you have one, put it on the router end. If you have two, one on each end. Just like Will said. They still don’t impact the generator effect. Don’t put the router cable in the cable snake, cable tie it to the outside (on the side, not the top) The picture isn’t great, sorry. If you have any extra chokes, clamping one on the controller end of the UAB and power cables might help, and won’t hurt.

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I know the choke on the router doesn’t affect the steppers. I worded that poorly. It was because the LEDs lit that I went to the wiki and found the info about the choke for EMI and all the other recommendations about isolating power, limiting running tools on the same circuit, etc. I may just be lucky, but I never saw any EMI-related anomalies before the choke anyway. I just did it and the other things because they were recommended…so they were all indirectly related to the LEDs. One of my worst experiences with interference was when I tried to use a home-built cmoy headphone amplifier on my 1500cc cruiser. I never did get that to work worth a damned.

i actually never added the router cable into the snake. When i built my machine i thought it wouldnt be a great idea to have the power cord for the router go next to unshielded low power wires.

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is this whats called a hijacked thread?


I hope you have homing switches. You can just re home and start the cut out profile.