Shapeoko e-book [V2 released]

This will sit nicely with Will Adams proposed book and the one from Edward Ford…now if someone published a magazine like those for woodwork/wood turning all options would be covered.

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Hey everyone, I have been actively working on this since the last post. I am including plenty of illustrations from my own setup and tests/projects, but I would appreciate if someone could send me snapshots of

  • their T-tracks
  • their setup for using a vice

assuming you would be ok with me using these pics in the book.



I guess you will have to prepare a second edition already since @Luke will soon get the Shapeoko upgraded. :wink:


Thanks everyone for your help .
After having lived in person the lack of knowledge, I see this very important issue for people like me without prior knowledge.
I am 2 years old with my happy Shapeoko, but if I need more knowledge, I would like to know much more in the future.
I always believed in the ability and the facility to improve this machine, @ Vince.Fab has shown me with its improvement and through it I also see my ignorance.


I have a t-track setup if you want some photos.


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If you could PM me a shot of your setup, ideally with something attached onto it, that would be really cool thank you.

I already received nice photos of a vice setup from @snaterst (thanks!), so for now I’ll be set (I try to refrain from writing about anything I do not have firsthand experience about, but I was not going to change my setup for T-tracks or buy a good vice just for one chapter in the book, so these are the exceptions)

This thing is eating up almost all of my garage time lately, I hope to have something to submit here within a “few” weeks. Since I only have one shot at this and no one is holding their breath anyway, I’d rather have something reasonably complete and polished before I post it for review.


(holding breath in anticipation)


Julien, love this idea.

one suggestion, as a new Shapeoko owner who has learned lots of new things already…
now that I have a suck it dust boot, I am getting disconnects- assume caused by static, and I see there are tons of workaround involving copper wire and water pipes , capacitors on the control board, hacking up routers to add a 3 prong outlet, and so on and so on.

I dont even know what a capacitor is. (tomorrows homework, lol).

I love this machine and appreciate it 's quirks, but man, I want to cut some stuff. not research a billion ways around grounding issues (or, honestly what even grounding means to an electrical idiot like myself).

would love a quick intro/ overview/how to section to deal with this as well!

Hi Rob,

Bummer, EMI/static-related disconnects are no fun. I’m afraid there is no single magic trick to solve them, because there are many possible reasons for them to happen. So your best bet is to create a dedicated thread here on the forum, and describe your setup and how/when these disconnects happen, in excruciating details: I’m sure the good people here will then jump in to guide you through the investigation. Unless you have an ancient Shapeoko, forget about the controller and capacitors, there is 99% probability that this is not the issue, it’s been a few years now since boards were plagued with EMI weaknesses, it’s all fixed by now. Yet, other factors can still lead to this.

In the meantime, here’s the list of workarounds I have collected in the book for now:

  • try different wall sockets if possible

  • grounding the router body/mount (e.g. wrapping a copper wire around the router mount and connecting it to a known-good grounding point, on the machine itself or nearby)

  • earthing the machine frame

  • grounding the dust collection hose, and/or use an anti-static hose.

  • if the air is very dry, spray a little water on the stock, or use a humidifier in the room.

  • using a high-quality shielded USB cable, and/or a USB isolator or powered USB hub, or just using a different USB port on the PC running the G-code sender.

  • checking if router brushes are not worn out, and replace them.

  • using a voltage regulator/surge protector between mains and the machine

You can try those, in more or less this order, do ask if anything is too obscure.
Good luck, we’ll have your back


While this should be for another thread, I was plagued with EMI disconnects after I installed the DustBoot but I have reduced them to almost nothing using most of the things Julien mentioned but also, I also connected the Shopvac on a different electrical circuit, I ran a copper wire the length of the vacuum tube then I connected that wire to the Z limit switch plate above the router using a wire with alligator clips.



i’d also try with the vac removed just to confirm it is at fault. sometimes something basic gets altered and we assume it’s the new addition when it could be an unrelated loose cable,etc


There is no silver bullet fix for the disconnects and it can definitely be frustrating. Anecdotally, I started having disconnects out of the blue a while back. After trying a bunch of other forum suggestions, I tried wrapping some wire around the router mount and connected it to a nearby electrical conduit by wrapping it around it. Have not changed the setup and haven’t had a disconnect since.

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My shopvac gives me disconnects and my festool ct midi doesn’t… Go figure

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Allright, it may not be as polished as I would like, but it’s been almost three months and more evenings than I care to admit, so here you go, version 1 of the e-book:

I would appreciate any and all comments (be it about grammar/English, inaccurate statements, ideas for improvements, …)

And if you are in the mood for a thorough proofreading, or would like to contribute a section, we can work something out (the gitbook inline comment feature would have been perfect, but the “reader+comment” permission just does not work)

Looking forward to hearing what you think, good or bad !


@Julien I just skimmed through your creation, going back for a deep dive in a minute. Nicely done, a real benefit to the Shapeoko community!

I sure wish this had been available 3 years ago! New users will love this.

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Excellent work! Well done.

I have found a missing word/typo so far … do you want the details here or by some other route?

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Wow Julien, this looks good. Is it possible to download the whole thing so I don’t have to read it on the computer? Yeah I’m old school but I like to have that stuff in my shop and it is easier and safer to use paper.

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Hi Andy,

@WillAdams started sending me private messages with various corrections (thanks !), and I think this is a practical solution for me to collect comments for now, without making this thread super long. But whatever you prefer !