Shapeoko gone crazy!

Well folks I am at my wits end…I cannot get my Shakeoko xxl to work properly with the Carveco, Carbide Motion, Candle software …as per Dillon back at the tech support I have chose the proper .nc Gcode drivers and all I get with that is the Z axis being drove all the way up into the limits and grinding away until I kill it or being drove violently into the waste board …I have tried the .tap setting and you can see all the axis barely moving (a 1/4 radius) yet it runs through on the Candle screen…all the motors and drivers are acting proper because it homes, jogs and zeros …I have tried this with different toolpaths …always the same things happening …I even tried the all perpose Gcode setting …same problems and this is with 2 different softwares Carbide motion and Candle problems…rebooted and rebooted, rewrote the toolpaths , cussed at it … help

Can you share the gcode that causes it to crash the Z?

Shapeokos should be treated with kindness.


Please try making a simple file in Carbide Create and testing it in Carbide motion — if that works, make an equivalent in the other software and test it, changing one thing at a time.

If you have difficulties w/ the Carbide Create file using Carbide Motion let us know at and we will do our best to assist. (236.3 KB)
flutednapkin5.tap (235.3 KB)
budcrap.tap (257 Bytes)

Hi again!
Attached is the .NC file that causes Z axis on my router to run all the way to the top and then bottom out and stall out. I then have to kill power to the machine.
Also attached it the .TAP file that only cuts at a SUPER small scale on the Y & X axis. But the surprisingly, the Z axis seems to cut at the proper scale.
All your help is very much appreciated!

The file is in Imperial:

(STOCK/BLOCK) (X=8.625, Y=5.875, Z=0.375)
G90 G94

and it is trying to lift up:

(Tool Number:1 0.125 inches dia. slot drill)
G28 G91 Z0
T1 M6
S15000 M3

over 13 inches — that’s larger than the Z-axis can move, hence the crash.

Have you configured the machine correctly?

You will need to configure your software to have a safety/retract height w/in what the machine can move.

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I see what you are talking about …all of these gcode files were generated by Carveco maker software and if I remember the z axis was set at .350 or there

Please make a very simple, very basic file in Carbide Create — verify that it cuts as expected using Carbide Motion.

Then, make an equivalent file in CarveCo and compare the G-Code from that to what CC made — that should allow you to determine what the issue is.

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