Shapeoko homing when quitting a job

While testing I ended up pausing then quitting a couple of jobs. After clicking on quit the machine performs what I assumed was a homing cycle but it’s not. It does move toward the home position (back / right of the limits) but when it hits the Y limit switch it just stops. In a normal homing cycle it would pull away just a bit so it’s not resting on the switch. If I try to do anything after that I get a limit switch error because the y-axis switch is depressed. Maybe that’s intentional but it does make recovery just a bit more complicated.

Turn the power off and move the machine until the switch releases. Then power back up and click on the return to coordinates XY
and then Z in Motion. It will remember your X Y Z settings.

I would rehome the machine first.

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What are your $130 & $131 settings?