Shapeoko moving too far and grinding

Hi, I just set up my shapeoko XXL, and tried a very small test job. I just went into Carbide Create and did a little square. When I ran the job it’s like the machine tried to go to the home position even though it was already there and starts making a grinding noise because it’s already as far as it can go. I set it up in the Jog screen on Carbide motion; it homed it perfectly. Once it’s done with that, it performs the job and actually looks like it does it correctly. I recorded a video of it happening:

I also attached the test file, just in case I set something wrong. It appeared to be pretty intuitive though. Any help is appreciated!

test.c2d (2.3 KB)

Your homing switches aren’t working. Did you do this?


Describes how homing should work. If it’s not, going through this process should make it obvious what’s going on (ie. which switch or switches aren’t working)


Did you home the machine before the job?
It looks like you may have set your work zero (usually lower left or center of job) at the upper limit of the machine.
When you start the job, it tried to go positive X (right) and Y (back), but there was no room.
You’ve got all that XXL to work with… Give yourself some room.

I did not run through the Hello World document. I’ll try that as it looks like there were something things I did not do. Thank you!


Great example why everyone’s first cnc should be belt driven!


Newb that ordered my XXL last night. I know that sound coming from 3D printers. I have learned so much in the last few days just cruising this site. I can’t wait to get started and posting my creations.

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Yeah, that was my issue. I didn’t zero it after doing the homing. Thanks for posting the Hello World link, that helped a ton!

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Something I do is use a pair of 1-2-3 blocks against the back of the frame and pull the gantry up tight against them. Remove the blocks then turn power on. Since the two side are independently ran on separate stepper motors and there is no practical way of ensuring squareness to the bed I found that this is a quick way of ensuring your gantry is squared to the bed every run.

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