Shapeoko Pro eta/unboxing/setup/impressions anyone?

A longtime lurker, first-time poster, and someone that ordered a Shapeoko Pro to start my CNC journey.

I’ve not seen any posts on anyone taking a delivery or the unboxing, setup, use, etc.

Has a Shapeoko Pro been seen in the wild yet beyond the first couple of videos?

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They haven’t shipped out yet.

@robgrz has said shipping is scheduled to start late next week.

Looking to find out when Shapeoko Pro will ship. I have called 3 times after Nov 15th. I purchased it at 1:00pm October 15th. Winston stated that if you purchase SO Pro on Oct 15th it should ship on Oct 30. This was revised to “should ship within one month of purchase”. And then there was a blog on Nov 11 from CEO (i assume) stating that it should ship on Nov 25th give or take a couple of days. So now it is Nov 28, 3 days after Nov 25th and no updated blog or any communication to the customers that have laid down $3000.00. Please give us (me) and update. I have called sales and lady said it will ship next week. That was 2 weeks ago. I called her last week she said it will ship this week. Well this week game and went with no shipping notification. She said there were fires in California and that the shipping boxes were suppose to be sent to Illinois but ended up shipped to Washington. I asked if I could drive to Illinois and she said no. So please tell me when is SO Pro going to ship? If it is not going to ship by Wednesday next week please allow me to go to Illinois and pick it up.

Rob posted an update on the shipping date 3 days ago.


@Luke thank you for pointing out that post. Somehow I missed it.

As someone that waited for a very long time to take delivery of a Glowforge, I can keep busy for a couple of weeks while things get sorted out.

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