Shapeoko Pro Oil

Is it possible to over oil my shapeoko pro?

If you do, the excess will drip off.

Please see:

Same topic to a degree but

Zplus how often do you need to oil

There are wipers on the bearing guide blocks and remove dust and excess oil. Any oil deposited on the rails come from the bearing blocks. During maintenance procedure you remove screws and inject oil in bearing blocks. The oil lubricates the ball bearings and oil rubs off on the rails. Oil applied to the rails will likely get rubbed off.

The oil used is Mobil Vactra #2.

The Bridgeport mills specify Mobil Vactra #2 for thier slideways.


My test for the linear rails on my machine is that I wipe a section dry with shop towel before startup, then once the machine has moved across that bit of the axis, if there’s no film of oil, there’s no oil left in the rail block reservoir and it’s time to top them up (the rail blocks as Guy says).


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