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Finally getting around to oiling all the bearing blocks on my pro xl and just had a question regarding the oiling ports for the Z axis. I took the Z assembly off to oil and removed the small screws to access the oiling ports for the 2 top and 2 bottom bearing blocks. But what about the other 4 where the screws are inaccessible? is oiling through the side hole ok?

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If it isn’t, write in to for clarification.

I have an SO3 with HDZ so as you pointed out there are two sets of bearing block. I also remove the Z to access the very top access hole and turn it upside down to oil the bottom access port. The key is to put the recommended amount of oil in and then letting it sit for a while specifically the bottom one. If you turn your Z over too fast the oil will not flow down (up) into the bottom bearing and you defeat the purpose of oiling it.

Every time I oil my bearings you need to park the Z off your project and/or spoilboard. The reason is the oil you just put in wants to drip down the block onto your project and ruin it with oil. The first few times I use my Shapeoko after maintenance I wipe the bottom of the rails off because there will be droplets of oil at the bottom waiting to fall on your work. Place a paper towel under the Z when parking it over night for a few days until the oil quits dripping.

You can wipe the rails down with the Vactra #2 anytime you want. Jog the Z up all the way or down all the way and hit the rails with the oil. This is a good touch up between maintenance periods. Dont forget that the rail is double sided and the V shape is where the ball bearings ride so oil them.

I have a rag to put under my Z-axis when not using the machine — one less thing to worry about.

Do you need to Re-tram the machine after removing, oiling, then reinstalling the z assembly?

I have an SO3 so my z runs on vwheels so I check it but it is not necessary. On newer machines with linear rails not sure
Make your z axis maintenance coincide with flattening spoilboard. Level spoilboard and see.

I would at least check it. Last few times I have not had to do anything but a minor bump to get it right.

Anyone have a good link to Vactra Mobile oil that is recommended to use? Most places I have searched only offer it in drum or 5 gallon size and that’s over kill for me to have that much around. Any places that sell it in pint or 16oz sizes?

Or are there good alternative lube to use? will any milling way oil work?

It’s in our Maintenance Kit for the Pro:

Here you go, on Ebay, but that’s where I got mine. If you have the Pro version, you won’t need to spend 30 bucks for stuff you don’t need.

I got mine on ebay as well. One side note for the Vactra, I had to work on my Dewalt planner last week. I had all the covers off and there are several chains that drive the feed rollers. I used the Vactra oil on the chains because of the Vactra oils ability to stick. I did not remove the chains and soak them I just used the little droppers that I bought to oil up my HDZ bearings.

Even though a quart of Mobil Vactra #2 may be a lifetime supply for a single machine there may be a few more things you can use the oil on.

I remember several posts from Canadians that they could not access the Vactra in small quantities. That was over a year ago. Can Canadians access small quantities of the Vactra now?.

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