Shapeoko pro waste board

I just watched the video on putting together the shapeko pro and I really liked the waste board. Is there any chance there will be a waste board upgrade kit for the shapeoko xxl

My understanding is that we are looking into that, but no idea on when it might be worked up and released — we have to catch up on XXL size machines, then develop the XL and Standard size units, write up the instructions and also finish updating the software for the Pro and Nomad 3.

Thanks for the fast response. Sounds like your hands are full. You did a great job on the pro it looks like an amazing machine.

Those thanks should be passed on to @edwardrford who did the design, @wmoy who did the assembly video and also collaborated along w/ @Luke, @robgrz who did the programming, and @Jorge who did the electronics — see:

for a bit more (and my apologies to folks if I got any details not quite right).

Do you have any information about the standard and XL pro pricing?

No, I suspect the delta will be similar to the current range between the SO3/XL/XXL, but that’s no more than a guess — please write in to, they may have some information on that which they can share.

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