Shapeoko Pro XL Assembly

Just ordered my new Shapeoko Pro XL. I’m excited to get delivery but I’m hoping I don’t have any of the issue with the build and setup that others are having. Maybe I should have waited a while until Carbide3D got all of the bugs out.

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All the reported issues I read about have been addressed. The main 2 being reversed Y axis motor connections and limit switch spacers. Once assembled move the gantry to the middle and have your finger over the power button on your first machine initiation. If the Y axis moves forward instead of back power down and switch the Y axis plugs. The new limit switch spacers eliminate the homing issue on the X axis. So I believe you will have a solid machine on day one. If not Carbide will make it right.


I placed my order as well (lucked out and ordered before I got the in-stock email, hah!) and have some of the same concerns. I assume they slowed down the shipping to address these teething issues in addition to supply constraints. :crossed_fingers: it’s a smooth process.

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That’s good news. You took care of the issues promptly I had initially on my existing XL machine I purchased three years ago. That’s one reason I decided to stick with Carbide3D on my upgrade machine. Great customer service.

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I’ve had my Pro XXL for just over a week with a few bugs to work out, but Carbide has been fairly prompt at responding. My most recent issue was that my YR and YL motors were running in opposite directions…wire configurations matched up ok, but it was quickly determined that I got a “test” controller by accident rather than the correct one. They’re shipping it out soon and I’m hoping this solves my Y directional issues as well as my homing and pull off errors. I want to get cutting!!! This forum is a great place for direction too when you need it. Good luck!!!