Shapeoko Pro XL Filler Strips

Has anyone received their Shapeoko Pro XL Hybrid Table Filler Strips.
Its been several weeks and i’m still waiting for mine.

Mine shipped on the 16th but have been stuck in Tennessee since then. Sales so they would ship another package, but I guess they are completely out of stock at the moment.

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My first set shipped around then also but they shipped the wrong ones. Shipped the XXL instead of the XL strips

I’m going to be pretty disappointed if I’m waiting three weeks on a package just for it to be the wrong thing.

Mine showed up Monday. They were XXL size but I made them work. I cut them to size with scissors, drilled two new holes, and covered up one hole with tape. I’d already built my hybrid table without them and it wasn’t too hard to slip them in without disassembling the table.

I tried that and i couldn’t get the new holes drilled exactly.
Besides, after waiting this long i deserve to get the correct ones for the XL
I already went out and bought the mounting screws because after all this i figured they wouldn’t send them.

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I have put a note in your ticket to send the mounting hardware as well when we send the XL length HDPE filler strips — if there’s anything else which you need to know, please let us know.

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Nope still waiting for mine. My Shapeoko shipped 4th Feb so been waiting around 4 weeks and I just requested an ETA from Carbide but no response as yet.

After sitting for 3 weeks in Tennessee (shipped on Feb 15th), my slats arrived yesterday. Sadly, like @baricl they were the XXL even though I have the XL. Back to square one.

Any update on the XP Pro HDPE filler strips and hardware?

Hi Jonathan,
I am going to send you a message through our support inbox. It looks like your strips shipped. I want to make sure you received them.


I received a set several weeks ago but they were the wrong ones. They were the XXL instead of the XL

Did you contact support again?

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Yes I contacted support agaiin

My XL filler strips and mounting screws just arrived! They look correct but haven’t installed yet.