Shapeoko Pro Z limit switch

I just got Shapeoko Pro and on my 3 Initialize Machine. The z axis did not stop and kept going so it hit. I made sure all the connections were good and it still is doing it. Does anyone have any ideas?

Are any homing switches stuck on?

Does each switch test as working and show as the correct input under Settings?

Can the machine mechanically move so as to close each switch?

Let us know what you find out at and we’ll do our best to assist.

When it goes up the switch does not turn red. Also i don’t see anything about inputs under settings. The machine hits the top so i believe it is mechanically fine. I also did email support.

If the switch does not turn red with a wrench next to it the switch may be bad or have a wiring issue. If the sw turns red with a wrench move the sensor closer.

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I just did that and all the other ones but the z limit lit up red.

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Most likely a wiring issue, try to track it down by unplugging and replugging and wiggle wires to see if you can find a short. Check visible plugs for wires not connecting properly.

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Also look at the colour sequence of the small wires at the connectors, are they the same for all homing switches?

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