Shapeoko-specific project/furniture designs

Could someone either point me to (or could I suggest carbide 3D create) a project area that to allow users to share their shapeoko-Specific design files.

One of the successes of shopbot and vcarve is the ready access to shared projects and designs especially to new users to have early success.

I am particularly interested in furniture designs that fit the peculiar 16x16, 16x33 or 33x33 xxl build areas. The atFab ‘Cat in Bag III’ is a good example of a design that would easily be made in 3 sessions on the XXL instead of a 4x8 sheet.

I’d love to see something like this, but…

If enough people think it’d be worthwhile, I’d be glad to pursue doing this sort of thing at, or, maybe we could just have a pair of “Projectfiles” tags for here? Say one for MeshCAM, and another for Carbide Create?

While I understand where you’re coming from with multiple sources for things, It seems to me that most of those (the first 4 anyway) are galleries where one could show off a finished project (sharing the design files being an exception to the norm) as opposed to a design clearing house whose specific function is to provide designs for the Shapeoko (Or even the nomad)

I would think that Carbide 3D would benefit from a well curated project files database with sorting by machine size and type of project similar to vetric or shopbot but for the Shapeoko.

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I’ve been trying to get some traction on this sort of thing, and obviously, I need to view this as an open window and act on it sooner rather than later, and am trying to coordinate w/ Carbide 3D to see what can be done.

So, I guess we’ll have at least one more such site if I can get this done.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, requests anyone might have on this sort of thing would be welcome.

I’d like to continue the discussion here: