Shapeoko storage

So good news is the co tractor is coming to raise my house to 2ft next week
My barn has a floor that looks as feels like rolling meadow
So once he is done I’ll be adding a new base floor then on top of that I’ll be adding 5/8” ply
This is good news as I have been having issues trying to keep the machine flat
Shapeoko will be partially dismantled and out into storage
Next will come the torsion box and new waste-board, may go the whole hog and out an enclosure over it
About to order the maintenance kit from 3D so when I rebuild it should be like new
Wish me luck guys
Just be aware I’ll be asking a lot of questions along the way but once sorted I should be good for a while and have a better working area than I do now
I put the machine on some 4x4’s and had to put two 2x12’s to stand on to reach the machine and I’m 6’ tall lol


Wonder if any sharp eyed folks will spot my old CNC in the pic

My guess is in the first image under the monitor.
Something there has the shape of the frame of a CNC.

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You are correct sir
When I first got into cnc I got me a Bobs CNC, served me well and was a good entry level CNC
But man took me two days to put together !

My first CNC was a Genmitsu 3018. It helped me learn CNC. It took me 1 hour to put together. Days to fine tune being the first time I had ever done anything of the kind. It was well worth the effort and experience.

So house is not 2’ higher and pretty level
Now to start on my shop
Was thinking about the below to build my own bench
But was thinking of making it 4’x4’ just for the Shapeoko
The top would be a 4x4 torsion box rather than just plywood

Any tips
Has anyone used these brackets for anything ?


Yes, we’ve had a number of folks use such brackets for making workbenches w/ good success.

Appreciate the input Will
Will be ordering an building soon
Was going to wait till the price of lumber dropped but don’t see that happening anytime soon
$69 + tax for a 4’x8’ sheet of 3/4 MDF
Prices are crazy

So torsion box complete
I cut the ribs out of 2x4 down to 3” so both sides of the wood was cut flat
Due to the cost of wood I only make it 4’x4’
I dropped it on my metal table I was using, lowered the feet on the shapeoko and put it on the box
WOW my level shows it’s level in every axis
I was amazed at how level it was, the guy who raised my home did a great job
Now to try and measure if there is any sag in the bed
And work on a support of just go with the rigid foam
All work on progress


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