Shapeoko v-wheels


I wanted to ask is it possible that stock shapeoko v-wheels degrade in less than a month or could it be problems with a rail? There is lots of small black parts left on the x-rail where the wheel is contacting and the wheel itself looks worn. After cleaning the rail, small new particles appear just after few jobs.

Also, would these Xtreme Solid V Wheel from Openbuilds fit?

That sounds to me as if your wheels were made from a bad batch of plastic — over-tightening them is supposed to lead to wear, but I’ve never heard it described so. Please contact and let them know your machine serial #.

The community has collected information on the V-wheels, including some sources for compatible purchases at:

I can’t answer your question without first asking what are you machining, stone?

My machine is a little more than a year old and runs almost every day (so I probably have nearly 1500 hours on my machine), cutting aluminum (75%) , wood (22%) and steel (3%), and my V-Wheels show NO signs of wear. They DO get dirty, and clean them every week with a brass and nylon brush.

The small black spots on my rails are usually causes by small wood particles, and are easily wiped (or brushed) away.

I don’t know what you mean by ((Xtreme Solid V Wheel from Openbuilds )) but you do NOT want to instal metal wheels onto your metal rails.

Hope this answers your questions.

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Agree w/ Rich, that what you’re seeing is far more likely to be cutting debris / dust — are you using dust collection?

There were a couple of people who added brushes &c. back in the SO1/2 days — might want to look into that.

You do want to keep the wheels and rails clean so as to avoid wear or introducing problems/inaccuracies thereby.

I have cut only hardwood so far and I am using dust collection. After your comments I have double checked could it be compressed dust, altho not 100% sure anymore. Tried to take a pick but its rather hard to zoom so much. I’ll try to clean or wash them and inspect closer

Thanks for your replies

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@aidassim Those look like a nice upgrade. I have those small specks too, but it is more or less compressed dust from milling. Leaving that to build up will significantly shorten the wheels lifespan. I tend to overtightened the wheels to get a little bit better tolerance under load. It took a tad over a year’s worth of use before I replaced the two bottom ones. Even then it was the bearings starting to leak.