Shapeoko XL Assembly - Z-Plus Tram Plate looks different than instructions are showing

Hi, I’m building my Shapeoko XL and I ran into a concern. I searched the forum before writing this post just in case someone ran into the same issue before and I didn’t see anything that covered the problem.

At any rate, the Z-Plus Tram Plate that came with the unit does not look the same as the one shown in the assembly instructions. That, in itself, doesn’t concern me a ton because it looks like it fits where it is supposed to and its just a minor difference in the overall shape of the plate (see pics).

The bigger issue besides the look of it is that the holes all seem to be the same size when the instructions state that one mounting hole should be smaller than the rest. I measured with calipers and they are all measuring in at the same size, so it’s not just my imagination. The instructions say that having one hole smaller than the rest is part of the way to get the tram plate to work as intended. So I don’t want to just slap it on there until I know what’s up with it.

Did they change the design but not the instructions? That would make sense, but I just want to make sure that is the case before I keep on building.

Thanks in advance to anyone that may have some insight on this


Screenshot 2021-01-23 141237|558x500

This is a kitting change — contact us at for the specifics.

Thanks! Sounds good! I will go ahead and write to the carbide3d support address.

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