Shapeoko XL going nuts

Hey folks,

I am a newbie but have had sucessful cuts made.

My unit has starting to missbehave (probably my fault :)).

Issue: After connecting to the unit and run the initialization process I use the Touch Probe to set Z.X.Y before loading the file and starting the cut.

What happens = The unit starts to cut outside the probed area even at the very front of the unit.

Any thought’s anyone? Would be most appricieated!


What is your job zero set to (in CC or whatever CAM software you use)? This needs to be the same as the zero point probed


Thx Andy for reply! Using Carbide Motion build 537 job zero set to back left corner.

Hi Daniel,

Zeroing with the BitZero probe in the top left corner sounds tricky. The probing sequence seems only fit for lower left corners.

Do you have a Carbide Create file for us to look at?


It’s not so much tricky, as tedious — you have to probe for X and Y separately, then reposition the probe fully on the surface and probe for Z only.

Hi Gerry, I actually tried both top and lower left corner same with same outcome.
I attached the file thanks for assistance! (101.8 KB)

Hi Will, ok will try this also!

I’m not sure what you mean here by “probed area”. The cut should look like this where the little coloured axis is where you set the zero point.

It will come towards you, from your rear zero point, about 400mm during the cut (which is close to the max for an XL)

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Are you sure the entire cut is w/in the working area of the machine?

Note that an SO3 will have an overhang cutting area at the front of the machine.

I probed left lower (fron of the shapeoko) corner as I have marked in the image. An have tested with Zero on both top and lower bottom.
Makes sense?

You cannot use that nc file and probe there.

The zero point is at the top left of the stock. As such, all coordinates are (for this design) negative values from your zero point.

If you zero where you have, it will try to cut as per the transparent overlay here:


Shapeoko 3 same as Shapeoko XL?

Yes, the Shapeoko XL is a size-variant of the SO3 (unless it’s an SO4 XL, or a Pro XL).

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Ahh ok understand and as in your transparent overlay pic that is just what is happening,

Thanks Gerry!

Good to hear :slight_smile:

Good luck with your cutting.

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