Shapeoko XL Loading Initial Sequence

(William Adams) #21

Next up is homing. We have a basic page on troubleshooting that at:

Note that you will need to have sent the configuration for the machine per:

and the machine should move in the directions noted at:


(Charles) #22

Here is where the issue has been. When I run CM and select my machine and click the send config I do not get the homing option. My assumption has been that the 43 lines of commands with the $ never make it to my machine. The lines I get are as I showed above. To me this is the point where the issues begin. Everything seems fine, not that it is really doing anything, to this point and I am able to follow all the guides and get all the appropriate responses and confirmations up to that point. When the config is sent the wagon falls off the wheels.


(William Adams) #23

There’s no longer any option to turn homing off — it’s just on.


(Charles) #24

To all that have been supportive.
The new board arrived this morning and I swapped it out and it accepted the initial sequence data and after a little back yard engineering was able to get the unit to go through the homing routine.

Thanks for the support. You guys are great.

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(mikep) #25

Sounds like you’ve got it all working now. The way I was able to tell was that it moved the carriage up - that’s the first move of the homing process.